“Takamatsu” International Symposium for PD & MD高松国際パーキンソン病シンポジウム

Mar. 15 – 17 2019 / 
2019年3月15日(金) ~ 3月17日(日) 
会長 山本 光利

  • Welcome message 会長挨拶

会長挨拶Welcome message

この度、第18回高松国際パーキンソン病シンポジウム(PDST)を2019年3月15日から17日まで、かがわ国際会議場にて開催の運びとなりました。今回のシンポジウムのテーマは「Back to the Clinical Practice」としました。近年のパーキンソン病研究は、非運動症状の発見、Braakステージ、遺伝子研究、iPS細胞研究等とめざましいものがあります。しかし、私たちの臨床の力は進歩したのでしょうか。多くの知識の増加や検査方法の進歩などがありますが、今一度、臨床の現場に戻って、診断、治療、ケア等を学び直してみたいと思います。他のセッションのテーマも臨床に直結したものを取り上げ学び直したいと考えます。






Welcome Message from Chairpersons

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome all of you to the 18th Takamatsu International Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorders. This symposium is started in 2002, and now it is a legend in Japan and world for PD symposium.
The main theme of this year is “Back to the Clinical Practice in PD”. Every lecture is aimed and dedicated to clinical practice in PD. Recent 20 years, our knowledges and understanding in PD are very advanced, but do our clinical practice advance with many information? Gene test teaches us how are the mechanisms of PD pathogenesis. But, now this dose not bring better care to persons with PD and movement disorders. Furthermore, our society are getting aged. This will cause many difficult social and medical issues. We understand clinical features of PD well now, but is was only based on old data, i.e., it is the data when we are at young, not high aged. We are requested to know and imagine current and future situation for our clinical practice in PD and MD.

Our clinical practice would be hard to do for high aged persons with PD and MD. The symposium organizes a special session for international survey of clinical practice at each country. This would be helpful to understand many issues around our clinical practice each other.
International symposium is worthy for exchanging our experience, expertise and making a new friendship. March is also comfortable season for sight-seeing and dinning in Japan and here Takamatsu.

We hope all of you enjoy symposium, friendship and delicious local and international foods.

Kindest regards,

Mitsutoshi Yamamoto, MD

Nobutaka Hattori, MD
Organizing Committee, Symposium